We are looking for volunteers to fill various roles prior to, and during the event. This is a volunteer run event to help bring the windsurfing community together, encourage young kids to take up the sport, boost the image of windsurfing, and help promote the region and local retailers to help the community. Therefore we need as much help as possible! If you are keen to participate and help support windsurfing, WA and the Midwest region please get in touch here to let us know what you can do.

As a volunteer you will get an event t-shirt, a daily meal voucher and free drinks throughout the day.


There will be one assigned head judge to oversee that the event is run professionally and ensure there is fair judging so that all competitors can feel like they have been treated equally.

However, we need 6 judges to judge each division. As a judge you will obviously not be judging the division you have entered in and we will ensure that you have plenty of time between judging and your own heats. You will be judging from the scaffold platform so will have prime view of the action. We know how tiring it can be so we will look after you so that you’ll be well hydrated and fed at all times. It’s an excellent way to watch the action, learn moves, and get pumped for your own heat!

The more volunteers we have, the less time each rider will have to judge so get involved!!

For each division we would ideally like 4 judges resident outside of Western Australia and 2 judges from Western Australia.

Beach Marshall

We are looking for 2 beach marshals at any one time. Beach Marshall tasks include:

  1. Liaising with judges to update the ladder board
  2. Handing out and receiving streamers
  3. Overseeing that competitors know what heat is on
  4. Keeping an eye out on the competitors and liaising with jet skis to ensure that any competitor who finds him/herself in difficulty is helped accordingly.
  5. Checking that the competition area is free.

The coolest thing about this job is you get to use a walkie talkie and say cool things like “roger that” and “over”. Also we’ll make sure you don’t do it for too long, and that you are fell fed and hydrated.

Flag Dude.

One of the most important jobs of all- you’ll be in charge of keeping a very close watch on the heat times and working the flags accordingly. You also get given snacks and beverages, get to hang out on the platform with all the cool cat judges, and watch the action.

Event Registration Chief

We need 3 lovely patient people on the first morning 5th December (9:30am-11:00am) to deal with registration. Your role will include:

  1. Registering all those losers that haven’t pre-registered online, give them the form, make sure they’ve completed it correctly, take their money, answer all their questions.
  2. Tick off competitors who have pre-registered and paid online
  3. Hand out the competitor packs
  4. Cross check that all registered competitors have the right insurance and have signed in.

Set up/ Pack Down

We need as many hands as possible to help set up and pack down the event.

Set up will be start at 7am on Wednesday 5th December. This will include putting up the Marquis, helping out clearing up the spot, and finishing off the judging tower.

Once the last heat is run on Sunday 9th December, we will need a hand to pack everything down and do a general clean up.

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