Venue Maps

The competition spot, Coronation Beach, is located 25km from Geraldton centre. It is far from the main road, and has a large parking and rigging area making it safe and ideal for competitors and spectators. It is also a large bay so that it rarely feels crowded and means competitors will have plenty of space to free sail outside of their heats.

We all know that no matter how reliable a spot is, there is always a chance of conditions not being quite right. Should this be the case (and it probably won’t), we will move the competition to Sunset Beach or Point Moore (see Venue Maps for location). Both spots face a slightly different direction and work under different wind/wave conditions.

1. Coronation Beach
2. The Jaffle Shack
3. Sunset Beach
4. Oakabella’s Homestead
5. The Gerald Apartment Hotel
6. Mantra Geraldton
7. Ocean West Holiday Units
8. Goodies Eco Camp


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