How to get there


Unless you are counting on driving across the Nullabor, you will have to fly into Perth. There are a number of airlines with regular flights to Perth but not all of them are very friendly with excess luggage. WWA are hoping to obtain special agreement to enable competitors to bring their windsurf gear for free or at a discounted rate. In the meantime be aware of the excess luggage rules below when booking your flight.

Flight Perth to Geraldton

Geraldton is about a 5 hour drive from Perth so if you’ve got limited time or don’t fancy the drive there are regular flights from Perth Domestic airport to Geraldton airport. Prices vary significantly and excess baggage rules can be strict so you may need to do a bit of research to get the best flight/ baggage deal.

Drive Perth to Geraldton

The normal car rental companies are available for pick up at Perth airport. Again we are hoping to partner up with a company to obtain reduced rates for competitors and will keep you posted if it happens. In the meantime, prices obviously vary on the type of car you hire and, depending on whether you’re camping or hotelling you’ll probably want a van, people carrier or at least roof racks to transport your gear. If you’re coming solo, it’s probably best to team up with other guys from your state to ride/ hire share.

Transport and Gear in Geraldton

Depending on the interest, we will work with the City of Geraldton to organise shuttle services from Geraldton to the sailing spot but it may be best to rent a car anyways to have the freedom of visiting the region.

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