General Eligibility

Entrants shall be competent sailors with relevant sailing ability. Entrants must be full or temporary members of a recognised Australian Windsurfing association or PWA. Any eligible entrant who ends up in the top three can win the prize for their division. Entrants can enter as many divisions as they want, but can only win the prize for one. A minimum of 3 competitors is required for any division. All divisions will be run in a single elimination format with the exception of the Elite Wave fleet who will compete in an expression session (duration and format dependent on conditions)


This division is for sailors who want to compete for the Australian Title. To enter this division you must be an Australian resident, defined as as anyone who holds a permanent Australian address. The winner of this fleet takes home the Australian Title as well as cash prize money.


Open to non-professional and non-sponsored windsurfers from any nationality.


Open to confident female windsurfers from any nationality.


Open to Amateurs of the age of 48 and above as on the 5th December 2018


Open to confident windsurfers below the age of 17 as on the 5th December 2018

Elite Expression Session

Open to anyone regardless of standard and nationality who fancies displaying their skills and winning a prize.


We will also be running the Freestyle Nationals. This is open to anyone from any nationality and gender who can bust out a few moves. Coros is the perfect playground so give it a go!

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